NEF Photo Recovery Software

-- Restores Lost, Deleted, Formatted Images and Photos

-- Capable of recovering audio and video files as well

-- Recovery is done simply and safely in few mouse clicks

-- No Compatibility Issues whatsoever with Mac and Windows OS


Get back all Memorable Moments with Nef Recovery Software!!

Nikon is one of the renowned name in the field of Electronic gadget manufacturing especially in Digital Camera manufacturing. Nikon camera is known for its advance features and are very popular amongst consumer. Like other camera's, Nikon camera has its own file format i.e. NEF which stands for “Nikon Electronic Format”. Whatever you capture from your Nikon Camera, all get stored in nef raw file format. This nef file is written to memory card in either compressed or 'lossless' compressed form. These NEF files are very sensitive and your slight mistake will puts you in serious trouble. This is where you will definitely look for nef recovery if valid backup is not available.

It is not only your mistake which raises such type of situation, but apart from this there ares several other factors which give rise to serious data loss situation like:

  • Virus Infection
  • Power surges
  • Use of Nikon card in different camera
  • Pulling out memory card while read/write operation is going on
  • Switching off camera while writing process is going on
  • Trying to make Factory setting without backup
  • Taking snaps while battery is low or memory card is full

These are few common reasons which give rise to data loss situation. No doubt backup really help you in such a hectic situation but think what you will do if it is not available. Really worrisome matter but there is hope in the form of nef photo recovery software. By using this third party software you can recover back all lost nef files quite easily. Apart from this Nef recovery software can recover deleted files from memory card easily. This software comes with advance scanning features which scans your affected media thoroughly and gives thumbnail preview of all recoverable files. With read only nature it is completely safe and offers a lot of advance techniques which makes the recovery process very simple and easy.


Key Features of Nef Recovery Software:

  • Flexible: Pause and restart photo recovery as per your need.
  • By using this software you can find specific file by its name, size or date.
  • Gives thumbnail preview of recoverable images
  • Easy to use
  • Supports different devices like Digital camera, PC, USB drive etc.
  • Gives quality of image in advance

Photo file formats supported:-

Nef recovery software is multipurpose software and its recovering feature is not only confined to Nikon Camera. Apart from nef file format, this software supports huge range of photo file formats which includes TIF, GIF, JPG and many other.

Video file formats supported:-

Nef Recovery Software supporting different audio file formats OGG, M4A, WAV & more. So, if you lost had lost audio files from your Nikon camera then this software really proves to be useful for you.

Audio file formats supported:-

Pictures stored in Nikon camera is not only prone to corruption. The above stated reasons may also affect the Video files and as a consequence you will fails to access them too. But there is no need to worry because Nef recovery software supported almost all video file formats including WMV, MOV, FLV and so on.

Memory cards and devices supported:-

Apart from supporting recovery from Memory card, this software also supports recovery from other storage medium that includes: SD card, XD Picture Card, SmartMedia and so on.

Nikon models supported:-

This software is really very useful if you facing problem because of loss of image/audio/video files from your Nikon Camera. It is well compatible with different Nikon Models such as Nikon Coolpix AW100, Nikon D3X, Nikon V1 and so on.


User Guide for Mac

NEF Recovery:User Guide for Mac

Step 1:-

Attach the camera or external media, such as SD Card, USB drives etc to the computer and then launch the software. Under the 'Data Recovery' tab, click on 'Start Scan' icon or button at the bottom.

Step 2:-

List of all the drives and the logical volumes appears. Select your drive or volume that you need to scan and click on 'Start Scan' or 'Advanced Scan' at the bottom of the screen to perform the selective recovery of all lost photos, videos, and music files.

Step 3:-

When 'Advanced Scan' is clicked, the 'File List' tab displays a list of supported camera-specific file formats. Select the file types for recovery and then click on 'Start Scan' to begin scanning process. Note - For all professionals, there is also option ‘Select Range’ to recover the photos, videos, and the music from any particular region of the media.

Step 4:-

When the scan process is complete, all the recovered files get listed on the left-hand side in separate folders according to category i.e, Photos, Videos and Music. The files in a particular folder are listed in the right-bottom pane. Click a particular file to see its preview in the upper right pane.

Step 5:-

Select all the files that are to be recovered and then click on the 'Recover' button to save them. A dialog box appears to specify a location to save the files. Browse to the desired location and then click on 'Choose'.

Step 6:-

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery can save all the recovered files at the specified location. The progress bar at the bottom of the screen shows the saving process.

User Guide for Windows

User Guide for Windows

Nef Photo Recovery:User Guide for Windows

Step 1:-

Launch Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Application

Step 2:-

Now Select media for recovery. In this step you can search for photo, music and video files. Start scan.

Step 3:-

After scanning , it show the preview of recovered files.

Step 4:-

This will help you to select the specific region of selected media.

Step 5:-

Select the specific file type

Step 6:-

Through this method you can create image sector by sector of selcted media.

Step 7:-

Select the range

Step 8:-

Resume recovery from the last saved scan

Step 9:-

Saved the recovered file at your specified location.